How Does it Work?

InDivorce is a Comprehensive System that
Saves Money, Saves Time, & Reduces Stress.


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The InDivorce System

Four Steps. Fair. Cost Effective. Stress-Free.

  • 1


    First, we perform a comprehensive fact finding inquiry. This information is used to create your unique divorce plan.

  • 2

    In-Depth Analysis

    We perform a full financial and forensic accounting analysis and help prepare for a parenting plan.

  • 3


    We work with you to create fair plans for distribution of assets and liabilities, spousal support, child support and a parenting plan.

  • 4


    Finally, an independent lawyer reviews your plan ensuring that your deal is fair and your rights are protected.

Save Time, Money and Stress
on Your Divorce

Even Complex Divorce with Significant Assets Can Benefit

Sadly, the people who benefit most from divorce litigation are the divorce professionals. This is not exclusively the fault of divorce lawyers. They are working within a system that is NOT designed to provide a quick and inexpensive resolution.

The traditional approach to divorce is broken, so I created a new way that promotes a fair settlement for everyone without costing a fortune. Our system works for all types of cases, even high net-worth cases with multiple businesses. Often, a parental relationship must continue well after the completion of a divorce. The system is built on the principles of fairness, transparency and family first (rather than professionals).

– Jonathan Stief, InDivorce Founder

Our system skips the pain and confusion and leads to a fair settlement for both parties. Once a comprehensive parental discussion and accounting analysis is completed, we help create a fair plan. This plan covers distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, child support, and a parenting plan (including, but not limited to, timesharing/custody and decision-making). Everything is addressed so that all parties’ concerns, fears, and goals are considered and treated fairly. All of this can include individual attorney representation for each spouse so everyone knows a settlement is fair and their rights are protected. The entire process is completed for a flat-fee that is known in advance and is completed in a fixed timeframe (usually 90 days or less).


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The Old Way VS The InDivorce System

The Old Way

  • Unknown (Unlimited) Cost
    Attorneys, CPAs and other professionals charge hourly so there is no way to determine the cost up front. As the process is extended, the professionals can bill more.
  • Can Take Years
    The average contested divorce takes 12 months, and many can take much longer than that. This leads to extra stress and a lack of closure.
  • Lawyer First
    The old way hires the attorney first, even though the attorneys do not have the information necessary to provide a legal opinion. Attorneys are now on your divorce payroll while they gather information.
  • Additional Accounting Costs
    Divorce attorneys hire specialized accountants called forensic accountants to examine the finances of a marriage. Add another hourly employee (or two) to your divorce payroll.
  • Contentious
    The old way is contentious because it is reactionary. One party files a motion, and the other party has to react. This happens over and over, which creates more fighting.

The InDivorce System

  • Flat Fee
    The entire cost for the divorce, including all professionals and services, is set at the beginning of the process. This way there are no surprises.
  • Fast: 90 Days or Less
    The InDivorce System is designed to be completed in 90 days or less. This reduces stress significantly and creates a sense of closure.
  • Findings First
    The InDivorce System collects all information up front, so you don’t pay multiple professionals to do the same thing and you get done faster.
  • Forensic Accounting Included
    The InDivorce System flat-fee includes a thorough forensic analysis in order to simplify the financial discussion and makes settlement more likely.
  • Fair & Amicable
    The InDivorce System involves less fighting and a focus on a greater understanding of each other’s fears and positions, leading to a more amicable split.
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What People Are Saying

  • Jon does a great job explaining the various financial issues in a divorce and makes it simple for clients to understand.

    - Angela
  • Mr. Stief is knowledgeable and professional. He gets along with clients and other professionals involved in his divorce cases.

    - John
  • Jon and his team are true professionals. They are hard working and always available.

    - Ronald

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you explain the difference between InDivorce and a traditional divorce?

    Can you explain the difference between InDivorce and a traditional divorce?

    Traditional divorce starts with attorneys in the beginning with tons of billable hours and lots of fighting. InDivorce has a focus of creating a fair settlement for all parties without the fighting, and then brings in attorneys in the end to make sure your deal is fair.

    InDivorce offers the following benefits:
    1) Flat-fee
    2) Faster completion through a set timeline
    3) Findings first. Attorneys last.
    4) Forensic accounting is including
    5) Fair settlement for all parties

    Traditional divorce offers none of these, except the fair settlement (most of the time).

  • Do I need a lawyer?

    Do I need a lawyer?

    Not necessarily. The InDivorce System was designed by lawyers that helps eliminate high attorney fees. That said, we advise that all InDivorce parties consider representation by a flat-fee attorney at the end to ensure a fair settlement. These attorneys are recommended by InDivorce and are familiar with our system, but do not work for InDivorce, are paid directly by you, and represent only you and your interests.

  • I have a very complex divorce. Is InDivorce good for me?

    I have a very complex divorce. Is InDivorce good for me?

    Absolutely! InDivorce was created to simplify complex matters and make settlement much more likely. Traditional divorce, also known as divorce litigation, is the first option that people resort to. But litigation is often messy because the end goal for each spouse’s attorney is not to solve problems, instead it’s to win arguments. We simplify complex issues and cut through the conflict.

  • Does InDivorce address child support and timesharing (custody)?

    Does InDivorce address child support and timesharing (custody)?

    Of course. InDivorce is intended to allow families to interact cordially by removing much of the anger that permeates through the traditional divorce process. We apply Best Practices and consider the best interests of the children to address timesharing (custody) and child support. When appropriate, InDivorce includes the assistance of a therapeutic divorce facilitator to assist.