Four Easy Steps. Only 90 Days.

People see and understand information differently. As a result, the InDivorce Process is broken down into four easy to manage steps.

Interview. We implement a comprehensive fact-finding mission which we use to create your plan.

In-Depth Analysis. We perform a full forensic accounting analysis for a complete understanding of the finances. In addition, we begin preparation for a parenting plan, when applicable.

Information. We create a fair plan for distribution of the assets (and liabilities), alimony, parenting and child custody.

In-Writing. Your own lawyer will review everything and make sure your deal is fair and your rights protected.

It’s straightforward. It’s Easy to understand. And it is very effective.

  • Step 1

    Day 1-20


    First, we perform a comprehensive fact finding inquiry. This information is used to create your unique divorce plan.

    We start the process with a thorough collection of preliminary information. We identify all the issues that must be addressed in the divorce. This crucial information will be the foundation for preparing your 90 day or less divorce plan. From there, we will prepare your Flat Fee InDivorce Agreement. Implementation of the plan begins immediately upon consent of the parties. During this step, we will collect the supporting documentation needed to complete the next steps.

  • Step 2

    Day 21-45

    In-Depth Analysis

    Second, in order to simplify, we perform a full forensic accounting analysis to provide a complete understanding of the finances and assist the parties in their preparation of a parenting plan (when applicable).

    In this phase, a therapeutic facilitator will assist both parties in the preparation of a parenting plan when there are minor children. Next, we review parties’ respective income and identify “income” for family law purposes. Then, we review each parties’ respective assets and liabilities to identify marital and nonmarital assets and liabilities. This will assist in preparation of your proposed schedule of equitable distribution as well as assisting parties in determining proper amounts of support.

  • Step 3

    Day 46-65


    Third, we work with you and your divorce team to create fair plans for distribution of assets and liabilities, spousal support, child support and a parenting plan.

    The parties are educated on their options for an amicable and fair resolution. It includes one-on-one and group sessions with parties to make sure both parties are comfortable with their options and all their questions/concerns are addressed. Parties are primed for the mediation process and are prepared for their future life after divorce.

  • Step 4

    Day 66-90


    Finally, an independent lawyer reviews your plan ensuring that your deal is fair and your rights are protected.

    With InDivorce, attorneys provide legal opinions when all of the documentation has been collected and analyzed. All legal documents are drafted and the case is filed and completed.

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For a Flat Fee, Your InDivorce Process
Includes These Critical Divorce Services

  • Forensic Accounting 1

    Forensic Accounting

    Although divorce is a legal process, it often involves complex financial issues. Attorneys are not accountants and forensic accountants often assist in simplifying otherwise complex financial issues. Forensic accountants simplify issues related to the identification and valuation of marital and nonmarital assets and liabilities (including business valuations) and the calculation of parties’ income and need.

  • Divorce Mediation 1

    Divorce Mediation

    Mediation is an informal and confidential negotiation with a neutral third party, known as a mediator. The mediator is not a judge. Rather, the role of the mediator is to assist the parties in finding common ground.

  • Therapeutic Divorce Facilitator 1

    Therapeutic Divorce Facilitator

    When minor children are involved, a therapeutic divorce facilitator assists the parties in the preparation of a parenting plan. They are a licensed family therapist specializing in helping parties communicate through the process and assisting families with the transition to life after divorce.

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