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There is a New Way to Get Out. With InDivorce.

Save Money & Get Divorced in Only 90 days.

The InDivorce process is very different from the traditional family law process in three major ways.

First, it’s fast. Traditional divorces can easily drag on for more than a year. Most couples want to get the divorce over with and move on with their lives. The InDivorce process is usually completed in only 90 days.

Second, it’s cost-effective. Traditional divorce is loaded with open-ended costs with no limit. The longer it drags on, the more it costs both parties. Nobody wins that way. We start the InDivorce process with a flat-fee that preserves more assets for the parties.

Finally, the InDivorce process leads to less acrimony and a more amicable divorce. Both parties share similar goals and we help facilitate an equitable and fair divorce.

The Old Way VS The InDivorce System

The Old Way

  • Unlimited Cost
    Attorneys, CPAs and other professionals charge hourly so there is no way to determine the cost up front. As the process is extended, the professionals can bill more.
  • Can Take Years
    The average contested divorce takes 12 months, and many can take much longer than that. This leads to extra stress and a lack of closure.
  • Lawyer First
    The old way hires the attorney first, even though the attorneys do not have the information necessary to provide a legal opinion. Attorneys are now on your divorce payroll while they gather information.
  • Additional Accounting Costs
    Divorce attorneys hire specialized accountants called forensic accountants to examine the finances of a marriage. Add another hourly employee (or two) to your divorce payroll.
  • Contentious
    The old way is contentious because it is reactionary. One party files a motion, and the other party has to react. This happens over and over, which creates more fighting.

The InDivorce System

  • Flat Fee
    The entire cost for the divorce is set at the beginning of the process. This way there are no surprises.
  • Fast: 90 Days or Less
    The InDivorce System is designed to be completed in 90 days or less. This reduces stress significantly and creates a sense of closure.
  • Findings First
    The InDivorce System collects all information up front, so you don’t pay multiple professionals to do the same thing and you get done faster.
  • Forensic Accounting Included
    The InDivorce System flat-fee includes a thorough forensic analysis in order to simplify the financial discussion and makes settlement more likely.
  • Amicable & Fair
    The InDivorce System involves less fighting and a focus on a greater understanding of each other’s fears and positions, leading to a more amicable split.
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  • Save Time 1

    Save Time

    A traditional divorce can often take a year or more. This is unhealthy for all the parties involved, particularly children. It also increases the stress and acrimony on everyone. Our system of clearly defined steps delivers to you a finalized divorce settlement in only 90 days.

  • Save Money 1

    Save Money

    Cost is one of the driving factors behind the creation of InDivorce. The traditional divorce process starts with no defined end date and no capped cost. In fact, the longer a divorce drags on, the more money the professionals make billing for hour after hour.

    InDivorce is different. We know what goes into a fair and equitable divorce agreement so we laid it out in 4 easy steps. By uncovering the most critical information in the first two steps, we’re able to offer clients a flat-fee divorce experience with all the costs defined up front.

  • Reduce Stress 1

    Reduce Stress

    Let’s face it. Divorce is stressful no matter what. InDivorce was designed to reduce that stress by eliminating the unknowns and the fear. We define the process clearly upfront, including the time and all costs. By demystifying divorce, clients report their stress levels about the process are greatly reduced.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Jon does a great job explaining the various financial issues in a divorce and makes it simple for clients to understand.

    - Angela
  • Mr. Stief is knowledgeable and professional. He gets along with clients and other professionals involved in his divorce cases.

    - John
  • Jon and his team are true professionals. They are hard working and always available.

    - Ronald