Can We Divorce Over Zoom?

Can we do this over Zoom? About four years ago, I probably would’ve said, “what is Zoom?”, but now we all know what Zoom is. And most people are comfortable working through Zoom and the InDivorce process is no different. We can work with you and your spouse and anyone else involved in the InDivorce … Continue reading “Can We Divorce Over Zoom?”

Is There a Role for a Therapist?

InDivorce was created with the ultimate goal of helping your family find a resolution. Sometimes that includes someone that we call a therapeutic divorce facilitator and the role of the therapeutic divorce facilitator is to help you and your family transition into life after divorce. They often also help with things such as children’s issues … Continue reading “Is There a Role for a Therapist?”

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Do you need a lawyer? The answer to that question, like many questions in family laws, it depends. The difference between InDivorce and divorce litigation regarding attorneys is when do attorneys get involved with traditional litigation? They start off at the very beginning. But with InDivorce, they come at the end, after all of the … Continue reading “Do I Need a Lawyer?”

Is InDivorce Mediation?

InDivorce is a process which can include mediation, but it isn’t mediation itself. So unlike traditional mediation through InDivorce, we gather the necessary information and documentation in order to educate you prior to a mediation, that way it makes the actual mediation much more likely to succeed in reaching a resolution.

Why Did You Start InDivorce?

InDivorce came to fruition over many years. And after a lot of experience as a family law attorney, family law, forensic accountant, and family law mediator from speaking to other professionals, and most importantly clients, I realized there was no solution that actually existed that helped reduce client’s fears that was more transparent and ultimately … Continue reading “Why Did You Start InDivorce?”

Are You a Law Firm?

InDivorce is not a law firm. It is a process and it was created to remove litigation and all of the high costs and the enormous amount of time that is typically associated with traditional divorce litigation.