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Why I Created the InDivorce System

As a forensic CPA and a family law attorney, I have a unique perspective on the flaws of the common approach to getting divorced.

I grew frustrated with the traditional divorce process. Unlike other areas of law, the parties in family law litigation continue to see and speak with each other well after the conclusion of the litigation.

In addition, the current approach to divorce is neither efficient nor effective for the parties. In most situations, accountants are not attorneys, and attorneys are not accountants. The lack of knowledge by one profession of the other’s expertise complicates the entire divorce process because the process is often both a financial AND a legal process. As both an attorney and accountant, I recognized the weaknesses and knew there had to be a better way to help families.

Traditional divorce is leaving people frustrated, angry, and with significantly less assets or increased debt. Worse, it can take a terrible toll on the children. I committed myself to creating a better method. One that would be quicker, less stressful, offering a fixed-cost model and reducing the families’ divorce induced anxiety.

Jonathan Stief, InDivorce Founder