• Question 1

    When Will I Get My Day in Court?

    Can a Lawyer Tell You When You Will Go To Court (or if you need court at all)?

    We can. Through years of experience in mediation and divorce, we demystify the process and lay out a clear timeline. Most of our clients complete their divorce in 90 days or less.

  • Question 2

    How Much?

    Can a Lawyer Tell You How Much it Will Cost?

    We can. Our process is designed to be transparent. We lay everything out on the table up front so we can provide you with a fixed, flat-fee divorce.

  • Question 3

    How Long?

    Can a Lawyer Tell You How Long Your Divorce Will Take to Complete?

    We can. There is no substitute for experience. We’ve created a process that takes 90 days or less.

  • Question 4

    What Professionals Will You Need?

    Can a Lawyer Tell You What Other Professionals You Will Need?

    We can. We are experienced Mediators, Attorneys, Forensic Accountants and CPA’s. We know exactly who you will need assisting you to complete your divorce fairly and in a timely manner.

  • Question 5

    Flat Fee?

    Can a Lawyer Agree to Work for a Flat Fee?

    We can. Our first step is to evaluate your divorce and propose a fixed, flat fee.